MAKE this Holiday Special

Save money and support your library by making holiday decorations and gifts at TechZone@Main. Create unique, custom, DIY projects for your friends and family for little to no cost. Bring your files to the library and make this a holiday to remember.

Digital Conversion

digitalconversionConvert old albums and family memories from negatives, VHS, pictures, Super 8 mm, vinyl, or cassettes for free.


embroideryPersonalize, embellish, and monogram home décor items, items, and accessories. 10₵ per 1000 stitches.

3D Print

3dprintDecorate for the holidays or make unique, customizable gifts. $1 per hour.


buttonsCreate buttons or magnets from personal photos or artwork. 30₵ per 2.25” button or magnet; 40₵ per 3” button or magnet.


Follow this link for a complete list of TechZone equipment and pricing.

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