Ohio Senate Bill 337

On Tuesday, June 26, 2012, Gov. Kasich signed Senate Bill 337. The bill, sponsored by Cleveland Democratic Sen. Shirley Smith and Cincinnati Republican Sen. Bill Seitz, removes some of the restrictions connected to job searching for ex-offenders by doing the following:

A. Reducing collateral sactions (barriers) for people with felonies.
B. Lifting occupational license restrictions.
C. Allowing individuals to seal two misdemeanors, or one felony and one misdemeanor.
D. Creating a Certificate of Qualification for Employment that will remove disqualifications from certain occupational licenses.
E. Allowing the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to allow people to pay license reinstatement fees in installments.
F. Modifying Ohio’s Child Support laws to help incarcerated parents and individuals with felonies with payment obligations.
G. Sealing certain juvenile crime records from public records searches.

The new law will take effect in three months. For an analysis of the bill click here. To read the bill in its entirety click here. A copy of the bill’s summary is located at the Business & Government Division. The Business & Government Division does not provide legal advice.


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